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How can you be BETTER THAN
you were as AN ATHLETE?

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Join the conversation about how we're competing to be better PEOPLE than we ever were as athletes.
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Don't Stop Keeping Score 

Many former athletes struggle with aging, change, and feeling less than their former self.


The Washed Pod is about uncovering the layers of this internal battle for competitive former athletes to find ways to define the "Prime" of our life by something other than a competitive athletic career.

When our "playing days" come to an end, the games and scores that matter in life change.  But most of us don't change how we keep score.  Some of us stop keeping score altogether.  


You can't beat Father Time, but you CAN make him earn the "W" along the way. 


It's true, you're NOT who you used to be.  YOU are BETTER.


Just don't stop keeping score. 

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